I was asked recently what area of town I’m asked the most about and without hesitation, I answered “Middleton, WI.” It seems as if most of the clients I work with want to live there and, really, it’s not surprising. From the responsive city leadership to the acclaimed school system, there’s a whole lot to like about Middleton. If you attended the annual Good Neighbor Festival last month you, too, probably have Middleton on your mind.

There’s no doubt about it, Middleton has led a charmed life. Many cities across the country owe their birth to the railroad and, yes, Middleton is among them. But, as fortune would have it, the city was also a major wheat producer at its founding nearly 170 years ago. Good fortune piled on good fortune over the ensuing…

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There are people that wouldn’t dream of living in anything but a house and then there are those who’ve discovered condo living and will never go back. If you’re among the latter, you need to meet the homes for sale at 100 Wisconsin in Madison. In fact, read on for five reasons you will love this community.

1. It’s architecturally interesting

Yes, it’s a bit of a box in shape, but the huge windows on the upper floors make the building appear to be made entirely of glass. You'll get the same feel from inside the homes, with floor-to-ceiling windows from which to take in some fabulous views. I don’t know about you, but I want my home to be attractive.

2. The layouts are brilliant

The homes at 100 Wisconsin were built about a dozen years ago, so…

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Cities that live in the shadow of a big “sister” or “brother” have a tough row to hoe. They are typically not given credit for being a city in their own right, but treated as Hollywood’s stereotype of step-kids – relegated to “suburb” status. Fitchburg is one of those cities, sitting snugly to the south of Madison.

But, check this out: How many suburbs do you know of that have their own police, fire and emergency medical services and departments? It may be Madison’s lil’ sis, but Fitchburg, the second largest city in Dane County, boasts these services and more.

If you’ve been toying with the idea of getting out of the city and yearn to buy a home that’s still within 10 minutes, consider shopping among the homes for sale in Fitchburg.


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Lounging in the swimming pool

Even if you’re not in the market to buy a luxury home in Madison, it’s fun to take a peek into the high-end property market. The three most expensive homes for sale in Madison right now are stunning – each offering something the others don’t.


From the custom cabinetry to the open floor plan, there is so much to love in this elegant West side home. Built in 2008, it offers 6 bedrooms and 5.5 bathrooms in 7,851 square feet of living space. The home sits on a .41-acre lot.
Our favorite features include the amazing shower in the master suite, the floor-to-ceiling windows that let in tons of natural light, the wine cellar and the theatre. Don’t miss the outdoor entertaining area.

This home is offered at $1,650,000. See photos by clicking…

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Officially known as the Williamson-Marquette neighborhood, “Wil-Mar” is one of our city’s more beloved and eccentric neighborhoods. It’s an area where quirky businesses thrive alongside vintage homes on tree-lined streets. It’s the neighborhood’s character, in fact, that placed it on the American Planning Association’s list of Great Neighborhoods of 2013.

Located on the Near East Side of Madison, you won’t find big box department stores or national fast-food outlets. What you will find is a neighborhood that has been carefully planned and nurtured over the course of the last 45 years and residents who work hard to maintain the vibe.

Wil-Mar Schools

Elementary School Attendance Area 20 serves the public school students in the Marquette…

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When it comes to enjoying the beauty of Wisconsin without having to give up the amenities of the city, Cottage Grove Wisconsin is the place to be! With 189 acres of open space and 10 parks to explore, residents of this small community have plenty of opportunity to hike and play within a beautiful setting. At the same time, with the capital city of Madison located just five minutes away, residents can easily take in some great live theatre performances, enjoy a fine dining experience, or shop to their heart’s content.

Those who are interested in living an active lifestyle will want to learn more about available Cottage Grove WI homes for sale. Not only are their plenty of opportunities for canoeist and tubers within the area, but those who might…

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