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The purchase of an investment property brings a lot more to your plate than merely paying the mortgage and insurance payments. If you plan on renting out the home, you open yourself to a new set of problems, many of which are avoidable with common sense and knowledge. The following tips may seem basic, but it’s surprising how many landlords, especially new ones, neglect even the most basic tasks.

1. Know the laws

It is important that you learn Wisconsin’s laws regarding your rights and duties as well as tenant’s rights. You can find additional information here, here and here. Then, sit down with your attorney if you have any legal questions, questions about Fair Housing Laws or about your rental agreement.

2. Learn how to screen tenants

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We recently worked with a couple who just couldn’t find a house for sale in Madison that fits their needs. We looked for months, one house after the other, but none of the floor plans were just right.

I finally suggested we look at fixer uppers, otherwise known as "fixers" in the Madison market. This is a scary suggestion for many homebuyers who instantly get visions of beater houses dancing in their heads. My clients, on the other hand, were at the point where they were more than willing to entertain the suggestion, especially after I explained to them how they could finance the purchase and end up with the home of their dreams.

Like my clients, you may not know just how easy it is to get a loan for a fixer and, if you get the right loan, it…

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