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A buyer's final walk-through should be a joyful time, a chance to view the home they're buying with a fresh perspective, full of possibilities for making that home their own following the final closing. It’s also a good opportunity for sellers to prepare their home for new owners taking over so sellers can feel good about transferring the title to the new owners without loose ends or problems popping up prior to (or after) the closing. Here are a few tips for buyers and sellers to ensure everyone is on the same page when it comes to what to expect with the final walk-through. Note that once a real estate transaction has closed in the state of Wisconsin it is no longer possible for Realtors to get involved in disputes of any kind. The law says

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If you’re actively looking to buy a home in the Madison WI real estate market, you’re probably aware that it’s been a seller’s market for over a decade now. We know it’s easy to get discouraged because we know about buyers who have bid on our listings and lost out...for the third, fourth, or even the sixth time (true story). We feel fortunate that the clients we represent have never been put through a situation like that (also true). That said, it’s important to have a conversation with your Realtor about what it takes to compete in the event you pursue a home and a bidding war ensues. While Madison area inventory is not expected to miraculously improve anytime soon, there are a number of constructive ways to structure your offer that will…
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Privacy for homeowners has encountered a new frontier: privacy is no longer limited to visual and audio encroachments, no longer merely susceptible to just telescoping cameras and audio bugs, but due to the hyperconnected Internet world now available in almost all residential neighborhoods (in fact “good internet” is now almost as sought after as “clean water”), residential neighborhoods are vulnerable to a whole new source of transgressions against their personal privacy. Who are these transgressors and what do they want from us?

These new intruders are no longer interested in spotting you in your skivvies. They’re not even attempting to tape your conversations. This new breed of intruders wants to mine the little bits and pieces of data that

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Okay, I admit it. I love New Years! Hope rekindles, the calendar turns yet again, and it’s a perfect opportunity to “start over”. If nothing else, that fresh start is typically accompanied by a new Inbox entitled “2020” that, by definition, informs me by its empty status that I’m all caught up with my To Do list even though that clearly won’t last more than a day. Looking into the vast expanse of the 12 months that lie ahead, I’m excited and invigorated at the prospect of a brand new year and all the promise that it holds: friends and acquaintances old and new, each with varying motivations and circumstances for wanting to buy and/or sell real estate, and the unique challenges and opportunities involved with each one. 


Sooo, as my email Inbox

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