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It's been said that the only real estate transaction that is more confusing for the first-timer than buying a home is selling one. While some folks are determined to do it themselves, the complexity of the process makes most of them give up and hire an agent. Now, not all real estate agents are equal. The bar for entry into the world of real estate sales is quite low, so you'll find brand new agents, part-time agents, and, like me, veterans, Since your home may be your largest investment, choose your real estate agent carefully. In fact, do yourself a favor and interview two or three so that you can compare what each offers. You will pay the same commission for the novice or the part-timer as you will the pro, so ask the right questions in the…

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When it comes to enjoying the beauty of Wisconsin without having to give up the amenities of the city, Cottage Grove Wisconsin is the place to be! With 189 acres of open space and 10 parks to explore, residents of this small community have plenty of opportunity to hike and play within a beautiful setting. At the same time, with the capital city of Madison located just five minutes away, residents can easily take in some great live theatre performances, enjoy a fine dining experience, or shop to their heart’s content.

Those who are interested in living an active lifestyle will want to learn more about available Cottage Grove WI homes for sale. Not only are their plenty of opportunities for canoeist and tubers within the area, but those who might…

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The final walk through: sounds rather ominous, doesn’t it? In all honesty, it’s probably high on the list of the most important aspects of buying a house in Madison. After all, this is your last chance to view the home before it belongs to you, warts and all.

I’ve noticed that far too many of our clients try to rush through the process. Sure, I get that they’re excited – closing is typically a day or two away. So, I try to slow them down and explain to them just how important the final walk through is.

What is it?

This is your last chance to ensure that the home is in as-agreed on condition. Did the seller replace the carpet as promised? Did he make the required repairs? Did he ding the walls as he was moving out? Did he take items that were…

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spring break camps madison

Working moms and dads in Madison: Do you realize that we’re only one week away from Spring Break in Madison? It’s a pity that we don’t’ get a break as well, but that’s the reality and most of us scramble to find a way to keep our children busy and safe during this week. I’ve scoured the Internet to find some ideas for you. Hope they help!

Wisconsin Youth

Combining learning with fun is always a good idea and the folks at Wisconsin Youth are experts at it. Enroll the little ones in the Inventor’s Workshop, held at Thoreau Elementary. The all-day program (7:30 a.m. to 5:45 p.m.) runs from March 21 to the 25th. On the 23rd, they’ll go on a field trip to the UW Physics Museum. Learn more and register a.s.a.p. online at WisconsinYouthCompany.org.

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The quality of a school has a direct impact on nearby home prices. Sure, it isn’t the only predictor of a neighborhood’s home values but it’s pretty important. So important, in fact, that a full 35 percent of homebuyers with school-aged kids claim that their ideal home would sit in a neighborhood served by a good school district. Only 18 percent of those without children said the same.

Furthermore, when given a list of factors on which these buyers were willing to compromise, only 4 percent would do so when it comes to the quality of nearby schools, according to a National Association of Realtors 2015 survey.

Since schools are so important to nearby home values, all buyers, whether they have kids or not should research the neighborhood’s schools…

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