A small but critical omission has been corrected on the Property Details pages of LakeandCityHomes.com. First, some background info to put things into context:

Recently I added Lot Size to the search criteria for all the available searches on the site, however when a site visitor looked at the Property Details page for any given property, Lot Size/Acreage was nowhere to be found in the information displayed. But thanks to a very observant visitor to the site, this was pointed out to me and I corrected the issue as quickly as I could. My heartfelt thanks to Jessica for her valuable feedback!

Below are screen shots showing where you can specify one or more Lot Sizes to your property searches, as well as where you can now see Lot Size/Acreage displayed…

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Lake & City Homes SOLD sign riderAre you trying to sell your home? While it may still be a buyer’s market, it certainly doesn’t mean your home has to remain on the market for several months. In fact, by implementing a few simple seller tips, you will be far more likely to get your home sold quickly and at a reasonable price. Here is a look at 5 basic tips that all home sellers should keep in mind.

Tip #1: Curb Appeal is Key

Curb appeal, or the way your home looks when a potential buyer drives past it, is essential to getting your home sold. Not only do many buyers keep an eye out for homes as they cruise the streets, but the way your home looks from the street will give the buyer his or her first impression. First impressions are long lasting, so you want to be sure yours is a good…

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