Autumn is officially underway and there are lots of ways to get out and enjoy it in Madison. 

Through October 31

Wisconsin Scaryland

It’s the month of scariness and it kicks off in Madison at Wisconsin Scaryland, billed as the state’s only “professional haunted house.” There are, in fact, three “houses” to this one: Hotel Fuego, Mineshaft and Carnival of the Damned. One ticket gets you into all three and the creators have created a seamless transition from one to the other so you won’t have to wait in line three times. Get the details online, at

October 1

Badger Childhood Cancer Superhero Run

Keva Sports Center (8312 Forsythia St.) in Middleton plays host to this benefit run to raise funds for the Badger…

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Well, hallelujah! Yet another survey lists the top family-friendly cities in the U.S., factoring in everything from crime rates to school rankings and, despite our somewhat dismal performance on the latter, Madison not only made the list, but came in at number two.

Naturally, we took the number one spot when it came to the number of playgrounds per 100,000 residents (72.96, in case you’re wondering). And Madison landed in the number two spot overall. Here’s how we scored:

  • 21 points in the availability of “family fun” 
  • 8 points for health and safety
  • 4 points for education
  • 9 points for affordability
  • 21 points for socioeconomic environment

Yes, we could certainly do better in the educational rankings (the low score comes…

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There are people that wouldn’t dream of living in anything but a house and then there are those who’ve discovered condo living and will never go back. If you’re among the latter, you need to meet the homes for sale at 100 Wisconsin in Madison. In fact, read on for five reasons you will love this community.

1. It’s architecturally interesting

Yes, it’s a bit of a box in shape, but the huge windows on the upper floors make the building appear to be made entirely of glass. You'll get the same feel from inside the homes, with floor-to-ceiling windows from which to take in some fabulous views. I don’t know about you, but I want my home to be attractive.

2. The layouts are brilliant

The homes at 100 Wisconsin were built about a dozen years ago, so…

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Cities that live in the shadow of a big “sister” or “brother” have a tough row to hoe. They are typically not given credit for being a city in their own right, but treated as Hollywood’s stereotype of step-kids – relegated to “suburb” status. Fitchburg is one of those cities, sitting snugly to the south of Madison.

But, check this out: How many suburbs do you know of that have their own police, fire and emergency medical services and departments? It may be Madison’s lil’ sis, but Fitchburg, the second largest city in Dane County, boasts these services and more.

If you’ve been toying with the idea of getting out of the city and yearn to buy a home that’s still within 10 minutes, consider shopping among the homes for sale in Fitchburg.


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