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5209 Burnett Drive, MadisonLake & City Homes is proud to announce (albeit belatedly) that we've added some wonderful new functionality to our Property Details page: Microsoft Bird's Eye View. Microsoft Birds Eye View is a terrific tool that provides an aerial (or "bird's eye") view of any property for sale in the South Central WI MLS. Take my newest listing located at 5209 Burnett Drive in Madison, for example. Microsoft Bird's Eye View shows you where properties are situated in relation to each other, in relation to streets and avenues, and gives you an aerial overview of the density of trees and other greenery in any given area. You also have the ability to zoom in and out.

Microsoft Bird's Eye View is an especially good tool for looking at Madison lakefront homes or real

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1622 Meadowcrest Lane, MiddletonIn a mad scramble to add as many bells & whistles to our flagship Madison real estate site as possible we neglected to announce that we added some important new functionality to our Property Details page: Google StreetView. One of the unique characteristics of Google StreetView is its ability to get a 360 degree view of the surrounding street outside any given property.  Check out the screenshot of the Google Streetview for 1622 Meadowcrest Lane in Middleton. Not only does it give you a ground-level view from the street so you can “walk” (virtually, of course) down any street and check out the surrounding areas, it also allows you to "grab" the picture with just one click of your mouse and manipulate the view. This is a great time-saver because it negates…
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hot tubA client recently posed this question, "Do you think if we got rid of the hot tub it would help?" Translation: Would getting rid of our hot tub make our property more attractive to buyers?

The client suggested she freecycle the hot tub. In fact, she thought she'd have no problem getting rid of it by the weekend. I don't know a lot about hot tubs (I've never owned one) but I wondered how she'd get rid of it so quickly if it was so undesirable. Afterall, it was already Thursday when she made the suggestion. Then again, that hot tub (see photo) wasn't looking so hot. It actually made her newly refinished deck look a little shabby. Then she mused, "I don't think anyone even wants a hot tub anymore. It costs a fortune to keep it running in the winter and

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