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When you’ve lived in a home for a long time, you may become indifferent to issues around the house such as broken fixtures or shabby carpets. These things may not bother you at all, but when it comes time to sell your home, they can be a huge turnoff for potential buyers. A few simple repairs can go a long way towards making your home more attractive to buyers and getting you offers. If you want your Madison home to sell faster, these are a few fixes to consider.


The outside of your house is the first thing home buyers see, so you want to make sure they get a great first impression. Landscaping is a cheap and easy way to spruce up the appearance of your home. Clean up any junk that may be lying around your yard and trim the grass, trees and bushes. Think about planting flowers or plants with attractive foliage. Fix anything that may be broken such as flower planters, loose walkway stones or cracked pavement.

Updated Lighting

Lighting can instantly transform a living space by making it look more open, cheerful and inviting. Think about swapping out harsh overhead lights for warm, accent lighting. Remove heavy drapes and replace them with light-colored curtains that let natural light in. The outside of your home can also benefit from well-lit porches and garden paths. Home buyers also appreciate LED lights for their energy-saving capabilities.

Deep Cleaning

You may be used to your home’s scuffs, stains and smells, but home buyers will see them as neglect. Do a thorough deep-clean of all areas of your home including the baseboards, ceilings and corners. Remove any clutter that may be making your rooms look messy and smaller. Pet owners will want to shampoo the carpets and steam clean furniture to remove any lingering odors. Hate cleaning? A professional cleaning company is a small price to pay for an increase in perceived value.

Fresh Paint

A new coat of paint can do wonders for the look of your home. Even better, it won’t break the bank and you don’t necessarily need a professional to do the job. Freshen up any dingy looking walls or areas with chips or cracks. Choose neutral tones like white, off-white or beige. You want potential buyers to see the home as a blank canvas for them to transform into their own space. Wallpaper is no longer in fashion, so think about replacing it with clean, painted walls.

New Fixtures

If you haven’t changed any of your fixtures since you moved in, it may be time for an upgrade. Take a look at the small details in your home and take note of any items that are old fashioned or broken. Brass, brushed chrome and stainless steel are on trend right now and can modernize the look of your kitchen, bathroom and entranceway. New light fixtures look cleaner and may even function better. 

Not sure where to start when it comes to home repairs? A real estate agent can help assess your home and advise you on small repairs that can make a big difference. In addition, you may want to consider getting a pre-sale home inspection to identify any issues that may cause problems when it comes to securing a sale.

If you’re ready to sell your home, Lake & City Homes Realty can help you every step of the way. Contact us here or call 563-289-7653 to speak with one of our Madison and Dane County real estate agents today!

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