Madison homes MLS searchLake & City Homes Realty is proud to announce the addition of property taxes and room dimensions to our Details tab!

We recognize that it's a hassle to have to leave to look up property taxes for Madison homes you find of interest. Or to have to contact us when you want to know whether the room dimensions for a certain Madison area property are going to be adequate for you or your family's needs. We also recognize that Madison property taxes can be very high and that many homes seem too be good to be true until you get a chance to see the actual room dimensions. So we went ahead and added property taxes and room dimensions to our Details page. We want to take the hassle and aggravation out of your Madison home search and make it a fun and enjoyable experience! In fact, now you can see property taxes and room dimensions for any property for sale in the South Central Wisconsin MLS, not just for properties located in Madison WI.

So, where exactly should you look for this information? Just click on the Details tab for the home you're interested in. Then scroll down to the "Property Details" section of the page. Across from price you'll see a heading marked "Net Taxes / Year". The data you want will be located right next to it. The dollar figure indicates the total amount of taxes that were owed on that property and the year in which those taxes were due. 

To see the dimensions (measured in feet) for each room described in the property listing, simply scroll to the next section of the page entitled "Room Dimensions". You'll see the measurements for each room, whenever that data is provided by the listing agent to the Multiple Listing Service. Room dimensions are a required field on the MLS so if a room is noted, there should always be measurements associated with it. Occasionally you will see 1x1 or 0x0 if an agent has not yet entered the room dimensions on the MLS, however this is rare. Please note that sometimes agents use room dimensions provided by their seller or they may use approximate room dimensions. So be sure to take your own measurements before making an offer on a property, especially if there's a critical piece of furniture you want to be sure is going to fit.

Now you know where to find property taxes and room dimensions for Madison homes for sale or for any property for sale that interests you in South Central Wisconsin. We hope this makes your Madison home search even easier and more convenient than ever. Don't forget to click "Save to Favorites" whenever you see a property of interest and let us know when you're available to schedule a private showing.

Happy househunting!

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You are providing a great resource to potential buyers.
Knowing room dimensions and property taxes makes it easier for buyers to stop wasting time looking at homes that don't fit their criteria.

Posted by Royal Oak Condos on Wednesday, May 5th, 2010 at 10:29pm

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