It’s a rare person that looks the nine-to-five routine in the face every day and doesn’t occasionally experience at least a twinge of escapism. If you relate to this and have toyed with the idea of working for yourself, have you considered becoming a real estate agent?

Agents come from all walks of life, from teachers to nurses, police officers and more. The rewards of a career in real estate sales can be tremendous, and not just financially. Being able to wave goodbye to your boss, set your own hours and even work from home in your jammies if you want just can’t be beat. Throw in the ability to make your own business decisions and help consumers through a complicated process and it’s easy to see why so many Americans seek a career in the real estate industry.

With all worthwhile endeavors, however, the reward doesn’t come without some risk and lots of hard work.

Are you cut out for real estate in Madison?

The most important qualities of a successful real estate agent include the following:

  •          Extremely good at self-motivation and self-discipline
  •          Tenacious, even when it seems the deck is stacked against you
  •          Thick skinned enough to deal with rejection and not take it personally

Of course, all careers have their opportunities and their challenges and what may seem like a disadvantage to one person looks like an opportunity to another. For example, a real estate agent typically does not have a boss in the traditional sense of the word.  That might seem very attractive, but some folks need a boss to ensure they remain productive.

The flip-side of that consideration though, is that real estate agents have an unlimited amount of power to make business decisions for themselves, without having to pass ideas through a boss and wait for approval. Sure, you’ll work under a broker who must approve certain things that pertain to his or her office, but you are essentially self-employed.

Recently Lake & City Homes was asked to participate in a career fair at Madison East High School.  It was extremely encouraging to find so many caring students and teachers who are engaged with their decisions for life after high school. Several admitted they may be headed for a career in the real estate industry.

Whether you are finishing high school, grad school, or the school of hard knocks – if you are interested in determining your own destiny with a career in the real estate industry, please let us know.  We would love to talk more.

Photo: Nazareth College via CC 2.0



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