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Isn’t it wonderful when it’s warm enough to golf in shorts? It’s time to find out, so dust off the clubs, pack them in the car and head to Verona. Or, if you’re lucky enough to live in the Hawk’s Landing neighborhood, throw them in the back of your cart and you’ll be at the clubhouse in minutes.

The Hawks Landing neighborhood is home to one of Wisconsin’s premiere golf facilities, Hawk’s Landing Golf Club. Ranked at number 3 in Golf Digest’s “Top Rated Courses in Madison Area,” the course is well-maintained and features an excellent layout.

If life on or near a golf course is on your bucket list, read on to learn more about Hawk’s Landing.

Hawk’s Landing schools

The Madison Metropolitan School District serves the public school students who

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Imagine you own a home and you decide to sell it. You hire a real estate agent to help you and the agent crunches the numbers and determines that your home, which overlooks a golf course in a high-demand community, is worth $629,000.

The home is listed in the MLS, the agent goes about marketing it, but nothing happens. Or, when offers do finally come in, they are for $100,000 less than the list price. Both the agent and the homeowner are astounded since other homes in the neighborhood with more square footage sold for $100,000 MORE than this home.

How can this happen?

Fake news. Yup, it even happens in real estate and the results can be catastrophic.

If you are familiar with Zillow you know about the website’s “Zestimates.”

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Big believers in supporting everything that is local, we here at Lake & City Homes feel that it’s even more important when what you’re buying helps support our local farmers. You can do that by shopping at our fabulous farmers markets here in Madison.

Whether you’re looking for farm-fresh fruits and vegetables, eggs or maple syrup or you’re craving homemade baked goods, fresh meats or cheeses you’ll find them, and a whole lot more, at the farmers markets.

Capitol View Farmers Market

A finalist in the Madison Magazine’s 2017 Best of Madison, Capital View Farmers' Market offers food carts, activities for the kids and live music to shop by. In fact, their website offers a list of the entire season’s events. You’ll find it here.

The market is

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If you’re married, and an American, you have a 30 to 50 percent chance that your marriage will end in divorce. If you live in Wisconsin, you may end up among the nearly 15,000 divorce cases here every year, according to the Wisconsin Department of Health Services. Dane County couples come in second on the list of most divorces in the state – 1,232 in 2015 (the last year for which we have statistics).

So, ok, you’re a statistic. Once the shock wears off it’s time to consider the process of separating the marriage assets. It can be a rancorous and ugly process, but he sooner the two of you begin discussing it, the easier it will be.

What will we do with the house?

Since the marital home is typically the couple’s largest investment, it’s the

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July 1

3rd Annual Fourth Fest

It’s a celebration of America and it’s happening at The Edgewater (1001 Wisconsin Place, downtown). Enjoy live music, grilled food, craft beer, fun for the kids and more. Admission and all shows are free. Get there by 2 p.m. and stay until 9. Get details online at


July 1 and 2

BrickUniverse LEGO Fan Experience

Fans of LEGO need to get to Monona Terrace on either Saturday or Sunday to participate in the amazing fan experience. You’ll enjoy LEGO attractions and hands-on activities. Check out the fabulous LEGO creations and build one of your own. Guest speakers will be on hand and vendors will be selling LEGO sets, figurines and more. The event runs from 10 a.m. until 4 p.m. on both

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Dejected: That feeling you get when you finally find a home you want to purchase and your agent tells you that there are multiple offers on it. You’re not alone; there are plenty of dejected homebuyers in the current Madison real estate market.

Here it is only June and yet the nation’s housing market is hotter than July. And, although buyers across the country are having a tough time of it, they should be thankful they aren’t looking for a home in Madison.

After all, they have about 103 days to look before homes are snatched up, according to The Capital Times’ Lisa Speckhard. Here in Madison? Move quick because homes priced less than $250,000 are being scooped up within 10 days of being listed.

By the way, although this is bad news for

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Strong job growth, a confidence-inspiring economy and even the lowest mortgage interest rates in decades aren’t enough to boost home sales in Madison. Why?

Because there aren’t enough homes available to satisfy the demand. In fact, at the end of April (the latest month for which we have statistics), there were only 1,079 homes for sale in all of Dane County. This represents a 1.62-months’ supply of inventory. A 6-month supply, by the way, indicates a balanced market.

With supply and demand at work here, home prices are escalating quickly, while the number of closed sales are dropping.  How did we get here and what, if anything, can be done to ease the pressure on the market?

Interest rates beckon

Despite recent hikes, interest rates

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Not to be snarky, but there are a whole lot of people who don’t work in the real estate industry who think they know everything there is to know about buying and selling a home – from the lending process to the closing. Most of them gleaned this vast knowledge base from having bought or sold a home in the past.

I’ve had my hair cut and car repaired in the past but still know little about the intricacies of either. Maybe it’s just me . . .

What real estate “experts” don’t know, however, could end up costing them, dearly. Do yourself a favor. When you’re working with a real estate agent, use him or her for all he or she is worth. Pick their brains, down to the last bit of gray matter. If in doubt about anything, ask, regardless of how “stupid” you

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Wow – it’s June already! The kids will be out of school soon and summer will be heating up. There are lots of ways to get out and enjoy Madison, so circle some dates.

June 1 – June 3

WIAA Boys Individual Tennis State Tournament

Come cheer on your favorite athlete in the High School State Championships! It happens at Nielsen Tennis Stadium, Near West Side (1000 Highland Ave.). Get details by calling 715-344-8580.


June 1 – June 15

Friends of Olin-Turville: Spring Concert Series

A family-friendly event, the spring concerts at Olin Turville Park (1156 Olin-Turville Ct.) start at 6 p.m. and typically wrap up at around 8 p.m. You’re welcome to bring a picnic as you enjoy some amazing music. And, admission is free.

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On Saturday, we celebrated Armed Forces Day across the country. Here in Wisconsin, home to nearly 900,000 U.S. veterans, the day was noted with a Harley-Davidson Support the Troops Ride, military displays, a 21-gun salute and Echo Taps and more. A couple hours north of Madison, Fort McCoy held an open house celebration.

California’s attorney general Kamala Harris sums it up when she said “We owe our vets the support and benefits they earned while wearing a uniform.” We all know about the shoddy medical support these men and women have been subjected to. What may come as a surprise to you, however, is how few of our nation’s heroes understand the home loan benefit to which they are entitled.

Of our 21,369,602 military veterans, only 2.4 percent

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