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Camp Randall Stadium brings the excitement of football to a whole different level. Built in 1917, the stadium is home to Wisconsin’s football team and hosts numerous games throughout the season for the University’s impressive football team. It is always open for guests to come and go throughout the season and walk on the brightly painted field turf in red and white, for the team’s colors.

Why was the Stadium Built?

It was built to impress with a double deck structure that encircles the massive field. It has not only hosted all of the football games for the area, but numerous concerts, public events and even Green Bay Packer exhibition games.

It is known as the centerpiece to the athletic complex on campus, located at the west side of the University of Wisconsin. Impressively built, and still standing strong almost 100 years later, this stadium houses over 80,000 seats that are all full when the games and other events take place in the year.

The original purpose of the field in the past was to train the Wisconsin troops for the Civil War, making it a historic part of the state. The name for the stadium came from the first governor during wartime - Alexander W. Randall.

One of the Most Influential Places in the State

Proving to be one of the most influential places throughout the state, and a piece of history for those that have lived within the area their whole lives; the stadium continues to host numerous events for the locals and tourists that come to watch games, learn about the history of the state or even just for something to do and see. Camp Randall Stadium will continue to stand strong for many years to come.

If you consider yourself to be a history buff or a sports fanatic, Camp Randall Stadium is an attraction that should be on your list of places to visit at least once.

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