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Believe it or not, big beautiful estates on 50 or more acres exist right in Dane County! Dreaming of your private castle in the country? Dreaming of becoming a commercial organic grower or small farmer? Perhaps you yearn for wide open spaces or regular access to hunting land? Your personal pastoral Dane County haven awaits! This is your one-stop shop for Dane County homes and estates situated on at least fifty acres. For more ideas about what you can do with 50+ acres of land in Dane County, or to browse homes with less acreage, explore our quick links section when you Click Here.

Browse Dane County Homes on 50+ Acres

50+ Acre Homes & Lifestyles

What are some of the activities one can pursue on a parcel of land fifty acres or more in size? Aside from an obvious array of recreational pursuits, the sky's basically the limit. Whether you relish in walking the land birdwatching, taking in the views or entertaining in style on your expansive grounds, we've got you covered. Got serious agricultural pursuits in mind? Not a problem. There's a lot to choose from. Whether it be conventional agriculture or animal husbandry, historic farm architecture or bio-fuel production, explore all the options with our help and expertise. Browse homes on 50 or more acres with or without agricultural outbuildings, as well as multi-million dollar luxury estates right here in Dane County. Or, choose from a variety of options for more modest country estates. Get started today locating your very own piece of paradise in Dane County!

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