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If your idea of a country oasis is a home on a dozen or so acres, you’ll want to check out the Dane County homes for sale on 15-20 acres found on this page. Not only are you likely to get some pretty spectacular views with so much land, the possibilities for enjoyment are endless. To get our take on some of the cool ways you can enjoy living on 15-20 acres, as well access our quick links to homes on varying amounts of acreage, scroll down or Click Here.

Browse Dane County Homes on 15-20 Acres

15-20 Acre Homes & Lifestyles

If you’re lucky enough to live on 15-20 acres in Dane County, you’ll have the opportunity to enjoy spectacular views of the Dane County countryside as well as enjoy some pretty unique pursuits. Perhaps you dream of raising exotic animals such as sheep, goats, llama, donkeys, bison, peacocks, white turkeys, or geese? Or maybe creating a value-added product or doing on-farm processing such as making jelly, jam, or preserves, etc would be an enjoyable endeavor? On 15-20 acres you can do small poultry production or keep exotic birds such as guinea fowl, pheasants, peacocks, or cornish hens. Lastly, small or large-scale beekeeping of, say, 20-30 hives is a wonderful way to increase pollination of your orchards, ensure healthy fruit production and give back to nature. Start browsing Dane County homes on 15-20 acres to find your peaceful country refuge today!

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