DeerDane County homes with 40-50 acres

Dane County homes with medium acreage of 40-50 acres can provide the rural refuge you’ve always dreamt of. Inspired by the idea of a remote country hideaway for hunting, fishing, or land stewardship? Check out the Dane County homes below on 40-50 acres or, to explore some of the ideas we've identified for making the most of a 40-50 acre Dane County estate or country manor, Click Here.

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40-50 Acre Homes & Lifestyles

If you have the resources to purchase a 40-50 acre country estate in Dane County, the world could very well be your oyster! Luxuriate in your fabulous country manor or go the distance to become a sponsor for the health and vivaciousness of your rural Dane County sanctuary. Whether it's no-till farming utilizing cover crops, providing grazing land for your sheep & cattle to access their own food, or perhaps becoming a large-scale specialty crop grower providing hops, ginseng or other niche products, these are just a handful of the interesting ideas you might want to consider deploying at your next home--a spectacular 40-50 acre country estate right inside Dane County!

Discuss your options to purchase a Dane County home with land with one of our knowledgeable and experienced agents today!

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