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Below are homes for sale Thoreau Elementary School in Madison, Wisconsin. Visit Thoreau Elementary School website for more information about this school in Madison. If we can assist you in finding a home in your preferred school district, please contact us using the form below or give us a call at (563) BUY-SOLD.

About Thoreau Elementary School

Thoreau Elementary School serves 424 students in grades Pre-K through 5 in the heart of beautiful Nakoma on the near West Side of Madison. It employs 39 full-time teachers, giving it a student-teacher ratio of about 10:1 Students have shown a remarkable comeback from very low scores on standardized tests, raising the school's statewide rank more than 38 percent since 2012.

Parents appreciate the Oak Leaf newsletter that keeps them up to date on school events and other information and working parents appreciate the after-school childcare program.

Thoreau Elementary School is located at 3870 Nakoma Rd. in Madison. Browse Thoreau Elementary's current profile or contact Thoreau staff members for more information at 608-204-6940.

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