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Looking to buy a home in a specific Madison school district? We don't blame you--Madison's public schools are notoriously great! Dedicated teachers, excellent academic programs (including language immersion programs), wonderful administrators, terrific kids. For parents of school-aged children planning to reside in or near Madison, this page is a resource for figuring out which schools to enroll their kids in and browse homes for sale by elementary, middle or high schools. Just scroll down to the links below to explore school links, profiles and then choose the schools districts that interest you to see the homes for sale in those districts. For those with kids planning to attend the U.W.-Madison, grad school, or an area technical school, check out our higher education resources and links to Madison downtown condos and income properties, a nice alternative to living in the dorms or throwing away money on rent.

About Madison's K-12 Schools

The Madison Metropolitan School District serves the city of Madison WI and surrounding areas (e.g. Fitchburg) with an enrollment of about 25,000 students across a total of 46 schools. Madison has more than six times the National Merit Scholar Semifinalists than other school districts. Looking for homes for sale in a specific Madison elementary, middle, or high school district? Choose from the elementary, middle, or high schools listed in the sections below. 

Madison's Elementary School Districts

Madison's Middle School Districts

Browse Madison WI Homes for Sale by Middle School District

About Madison's Private Schools

Click on the links below to access the websites for these Madison private schools. Looking for a home for sale near one of the private schools below? Call or fill out the form below and we'll be in touch to assist you.

About Madison's High School Districts

Madison's five public high schools include James Madison Memorial High School, Madison West High School, Madison East High School, Madison LaFollette High School, and Malcolm Shabazz City High School. East & LaFollette are located on the Madison's East side, Shabazz is located on the Northeast Side of Madison and Madison Memorial and Madison West are located on Madison's West side.

Browse Madison WI Homes for Sale by High School District

About the U.W.-Madison

Madison WI has a student population of almost 50,000 students thanks to the University of Wisconsin-Madison and several technical schools. The U.W.-Madison contributes the largest percentage with well over 40,000 students. Named Hottest Big State School by Kaplan/Newsweek, the University of Wisconsin at Madison is one of the largest universities in the United States and is consistently ranked among the top public post-secondary schools in the country. Known for its outstanding courses, professors,and academic programs, the U.W.-Madison offers more than 160 majors and 4,200 courses. Intramural and intercollegiate sports are a major component of the campus experience at the U.W. The university's highly-acclaimed athletic teams are known as "The Badgers", a term which harks back to miners who came from the Eastern United States to work the lead mining districts of southwestern Wisconsin. They could not return to their homes in the winter so they made 'dugouts' for themselves in the sides of the surrounding bluffs and hills, thus earning the nickname for repeatedly burrowing like badgers.

Other Madison Area Colleges

Below are links to several other popular area institutes of higher learning. 

Edgewood CollegeMadison CollegeHerzing University, and Madison Media Institute

Looking for homes for sale near Edgewood College or Madison College? Looking to buy a condo or rental property on the U.W. campus? Let our experts go to work for you at no cost. Just fill out the form below and a Lake & City Homes representative will be in touch.

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