Homes for Sale in Muir Elementary School District

Below are homes for sale near Muir Elementary School in Madison, Wisconsin. Visit John Muir Elementary School website for more information about this school in Madison. If we can assist you in finding a home in your preferred school district, please contact us using the form below or give us a call at (563) BUY-SOLD.

About Muir Elementary School

John Muir Elementary serves nearly 500 students in grades K through 5. The school employs 37 full-time teachers, giving it a student-teacher ratio of about 12:1. Muir Elementary's curriculum includes MMSD phonology, an early childhood program and is a SAGE school.

Students love working in Muir Garden while parents appreciate the after-school program, the active parent-teacher organization and the school newsletter, Muir Mirror, which keeps them up to date on what's happening at the school. 

John Muir Elementary School is located at 6602 Inner Dr. in Madison. Check out Muir's current school profile here or reach Muir staff members by phone at 608-663-8170.

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