Homes for Sale in Hawthorne Elementary School District

Below are homes for sale in Hawthorne elementary school district in Madison, Wisconsin. Visit Hawthorne Elementary School website for more information about this school in Madison. If we can assist you in finding a home in your preferred school district, please contact us using the form below or give us a call at (563) BUY-SOLD.

About Hawthorne Elementary School

Hawthorne Elementary School serves more than 400 Pre-K through 5th grade students with 37 full-time teachers. This gives the school a student-teacher ratio of about 11:1. Hawthorne receives the SAGE (Student Achievement Guarantee in Education) grant from the State of Wisconsin which helps guarantee that class sizes in grades K through 3 won't exceed 15 students each. 

Parents of Hawthorne students appreciate that their young students get a head start in technology with Hawthorne's technology skills classes, such as keyboarding, spreadsheet and database. The school also offers a talented and gifted program, Reading Recovery, special education services, English as a Second Language (ESL) classes and more.

You'll find Hawthorne Elementary at 3344 Concord Ave. in Madison. Browse the school profile here or call the school for more information at 608-204-2500.

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