Homes for Sale in Gompers Elementary School District

Below are homes for sale in Gompers elementary school district in Madison, Wisconsin. Visit Gompers Elementary School website for more information about this school in Madison. If we can assist you in finding a home in your preferred school district, please contact us using the form below or give us a call at (563) BUY-SOLD.

About Gompers Elementary School

Gompers Elementary School serves nearly 300 pre-K through 5th grade students with 25 full-time teachers. This gives the school a student-teacher ratio of about 12:1. Parents appreciate the after-school childcare program and the school newsletter that keeps them informed about school events, important dates and more.

Gompers Elementary School, home of the Eagles, is located at 1502 Wyoming Way in Madison. The school profile is available here and their phone number is 608-204-4520.

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