Staging Tips for Home Sellers

Many buyers have a hard time imagining what a house would look like with different furnishings or a different furniture arrangement. That's why at Lake & City Homes we're big believers in home staging. Included in every home we list and market is free professional staging. Whether you need advice, rooms full of furniture and home furnishings, or assistance putting the finishing touches on your home, we've got the staging expertise to ensure your home will shine brightest--no matter the market conditions. And research shows that a staged home sells faster and for more money than a vacant home. If you want to get started with some simple staging of your own, read our top 15 staging tips below.

Top 15 Staging Tips

1. Remove clutter from surfaces and replace with items that can be displayed in "twos & threes".
2. Don't mix different styles of furniture in the same room (Victorian+Modern Contemporary=Ouch!).
3. Remove rugs that are sitting on top of carpeting (it might give the impression you're hiding a stain).
4. Avoid clashing patterns when it comes to bed linens, throw pillows & blankets on couches, etc.
5. Give each room one purpose (e.g. don't combine office equipment and bedroom furniture).
6. Edit furnishings to create "white space" on bookshelves, side tables, kitchen countertops, etc.
7. Put fresh fruit or flowers in the kitchen and set the table, preferably with placemats & linen napkins.
8. Create a single focal point for each room, e.g. the fireplace in a living room should be the focal point.
9. Relocate lamps positioned directly in front of windows.
10. Open up spaces by removing or relocating furniture.
11. Size artwork and pictures to the available wall space.
12. Avoid putting too many pictures in hallways.
13. Avoid displaying too many items on shelves.
14. Make sure outdoor furniture is left outside.
15. Avoid displaying personal items & family photos.

Be prepared to invest about three hours of time for every 1,000 square feet of living space (give or take an hour depending on how much prep work needs to be done).

There's no point in putting a home up for sale that isn't ready for prime-time in any market. In a buyer's market your home won't show well enough online to garner in-person showings. And in a seller's market you won't get top dollar if your home doesn't sell quickly. So spend the time upfront to get your home in tip-top showing condition!

For personalized advice about how to prepare your home for sale, reach out to a licensed Realtor at Lake & City Homes Realty.

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