21 Tips for Preparing Your Home for Sale

Getting your home ready for sale does not have to involve large amounts of time or money. However, a relatively small investment in your home’s appearance will pay dividends in terms of first impressions and the overall quality of how your home shows online as well as in person. A buyer’s first impression of your home could spell the difference between a handsome offer and no offers. Check out this list of helpful hints we've compiled to assist you in getting your home ready for the market.

Exterior Checklist

1. Cracked or peeling paint should be touched up wherever necessary.
2. Brush away cobwebs and dirt from underhangs.
3. On blacktop driveways, a fresh coat of sealer makes for a neater appearance.
4. Mow lawn regularly to maintain appearance.
5. Avoid excessive lawn ornamentation which could lend a cluttered look.
6. Trim back shrubbery, especially where it blocks windows. Remove or replace dead trees and plants.
7. Consider replacing cracked windowpanes and torn screens.
8. If selling in winter, keep sidewalks and drives clear of ice and snow.

Interior Checklist

1. Thin out personal items and furniture. This will make your home appear more spacious.
2. Organize closets to avoid looking overstuffed.
3. Consider replacing damaged or dated floor coverings.
4. Repair leaking faucets, broken windows, and squeaky doors.
5. Dust off basement mechanicals such as the furnace, water heater, Aprilaire and water softener. 
6. If painting interior rooms, try to use neutral colors that would match most furniture.
7. Straighten up in the garage to maximize parking and storage space. This might be a good time to consider a garage sale, donating items to charity, or renting a POD or storage unit.
8. Take whatever steps necessary to get rid of pet odors. You should also be cautious of smells from smoke, mildew and the baby’s room.

It’s Showtime!

These last-minute preparations will be sure to show your home at its absolute best:

1. Turn on all lights. For daylight showings, open all window coverings to brighten rooms.
2. Soft music in a living room or family room area adds to the warmth of the home.
3. Clean the litter box if you have an indoor cat.
4. The aroma of brewing coffee, freshly baked banana bread or even steeping cinnamon water in a tea kettle will make the showing experience more enjoyable for a prospective purchaser.
5. Buyers are more comfortable looking at a house without occupants. Being absent from the home during showings will allow the buyers to speak more freely and thereby help your agent work more effectively. If you must be present during showings, try to restrict your movements to one room in your home. We recommend not following the Realtor from room to room unless he or she requests your assistance.

In today's super competitive real estate market, you need marketing expertise that includes the power and reach of the Internet in addition to more traditional forms of real estate marketing. Lake & City Homes gives you the strategic advantage you need to net top dollar now. In addition, we make your move as uncomplicated and hassle-free as possible.

If you have questions about listing your home for sale, preparing your home for sale, or which items in your home you should upgrade or have repaired, contact us. We're at your service!

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