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Home sellers in the Greater Madison Metropolitan Area face a real estate market that’s dynamic and changing. Many Madison area cities, towns and municipalities are experiencing a strong seller’s market where demand far exceeds supply. Other communities are experiencing a buyer’s market. There is also Dane County’s rapid growth with new residents arriving from across the country and across the globe amidst  a shortage of new residential construction in some areas and an overabundance in other areas. Large swaths of commercial redevelopment are simultaneously happening downtown and just outside Madison. Marketing a home for sale can't call for a one-size-fits-all approach!

Our Marketing Approach

At Lake & City Homes Realty, we’re committed to helping you navigate the busy waters when you decide to take the next step toward selling your home. Our comprehensive marketing plan will get your property seen by thousands of motivated buyers. We’ll also target the right kind of buyers.
 That means a multi-faceted approach that combines tried-and-true traditions with all of the latest cutting edge technology. Did you know that 42 percent of all real estate sales now come from the Internet? And, that well over 90 percent of all buyers start their home search online? On the other hand, 34 percent of all sales still come directly from real estate agents and their individual efforts. And good old yard signs still bring in 10 percent of all sales due to drive-by shoppers.

Right-Pricing Your Home

When you give us the green light to go to work for you, we’ll quickly assess your property and create a custom-tailored marketing plan including an effective price. After all, a well-priced home will often generate competing offers that drives up the final sale price. How great does it feel to get close to (or in excess of) the asking price or to receive multiple offers on your home? Just ask our many valued clients or read the wonderful testimonials they've shared with us. 
Our market analysis includes a variety of data not limited to homes being actively marketed in your neighborhood, pending listings, recent solds, listings that have expired or been withdrawn and even "coming soon" listings only known to home sellers and their Realtors. But the property history, recent comps, and your home’s condition and recent updates are only part of the picture. It’s also important to consider what lifestyle trends and changes might be taking place in your immediate area. Is the neighborhood undergoing any development? Are seasonal cycles at play? What type of buyer is most likely to purchase your home and why?

Creative Online Marketing

While tailoring your marketing plan, we’ll craft beautifully written, creative pieces that emphasize your home’s most unique, attractive and sellable aspects. It will then be time to put your home in front of buyers online via the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) and other popular real estate portals too numerous to mention.
 In addition to Internet syndication, we’ll also leverage social media, email blasts, virtual tours, our own flagship website, and (optionally) 800 numbers to market your home. As a seller, you can rest assured we’ll do everything to take full advantage of all that the worldwide web has to offer in marketing your home. Not only are people busy and their attention spans short, we know that the best way to target the right buyers in the greatest numbers is by leveraging the tremendous power of the Internet.

Effective Offline Marketing

In addition to our extensive online marketing, we'll work with our full-time in-house graphic designer to produce professionally designed property flyers, postcards, and custom-crafted letters to market your home. We'll hold your house open (if requested) and make the right kind of phone calls to generate a buzz. We'll alert our nation-wide network of professional buyer representatives and relocation company directors to your listing as well. We believe in combining cutting edge technology with tried-and-true offline marketing techniques to leave no stone unturned. In short, we use every tool at our disposal to get the word about your listing. You might notice we don't have a collection of listings like many brokerages. That's because we custom market each listing we take on so carefully, not many of them tend to last!

Our Guarantee

Not only are there no hidden fees or alternate agendas at Lake & City Homes Realty, we even provide a Seller Guarantee upon request. We’re confident we can sell your home fast for top dollar and with the most favorable terms possible for our Sellers. We’ll use our powers of negotiation to get you the best possible deal while explaining every step in the process. As your real estate partners, we’ll be with you every step of the way through to the final closing.  Simply fill out the form below to receive your free home evaluation. Our experienced real estate team will review your home's details and provide you with an accurate, up-to-date, no obligation home evaluation. 

For most of us, our home is our biggest investment. When it's time to sell, get the value you deserve with the help of a professional real estate agent. If you'd like to discuss your next home sale, please contact us.

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