Near West Side Madison Condos

The demand for near Westside Madison condos remains high due to its proximity to parks, restaurants, shopping, and entertainment venues. Whether you're looking for a sleek high-rise style condo such as Weston Place, an urban-style condo such as Monroe Commons, or a secluded condo such as Shackleton Square in sleepy Shorewood Hills, the near West Side has walkable condos to suit almost any lifestyle. Read more...

More About Near Westside Madison Condos

Madison's near Westside is popular with families, executives, retirees and singles alike. Owning a condo on Madison's near Westside means you can stay in shape by bicycling or walking to work or take advantage of Madison's well-run bus system. There are many affordable near Westside Madison condos to choose from at Hilldale Row, Nakoma Terrace, and even on Lake Mendota at The Cove.

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