Special Testing

In Wisconsin, special testing (e.g. for radon gas, mold, or lead-based paint) must be included upfront in the offer to purchase. If such testing is not spelled out ahead of time in the offer to purchase, taking samples for the purposes of conducting testing is prohibited without the written consent of the seller. Below we've compiled links to some terrific sources of information about various substances and the types of tests that exist to determine their presence. You should consider reading this material and/or testing for these substances, depending on the construction, age and/or location of the type of homes you're considering purchasing:


Lead poisoning



Well water testing

Lead-Based Paint

If you need more information about special testing or would like to be referred to an expert with a specialization in one of these areas, Lake & City Homes has the contacts and can put you in touch with the right professionals for the job. Please contact us today at 608.628.9701 or fill out the form below and we'll be happy to get in touch to discuss your requirements.

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