What is Buyer Agency?

The internet is the best thing that has happened to the real estate business since the cell phone. It makes it possible for brokers to provide information to consumers much faster and in greater detail than ever before. However, what the internet cannot do is consult, search the whole market, evaluate and investigate, advise, negotiate, and represent you at closing. Those are fiduciary responsibilities that comprise the role of a buyer agent.

In a buyer agency relationship, you commit to working with one agent whohas a fiduciary duty to represent your interests above and beyond theinterests of all other parties involved in the transaction. Almostwithout exception the fee is paid by the seller so your out-of-cashinvestment is usually negligible. Your buyer agent will assist you withplanning, locating and evaluating property, negotiating price andterms, financing, inspections and more. Whether you're a first timehomebuyer or an old pro at real estate, you owe it to yourself to havea buyer agent to navigate the complexities of your real estatetransactions.

A buyer's agent can show you any home that's listed in the Multiple Listing Service inaddition to homes being sold by their owners. A buyer's agent can alsointroduce you to builders and assist in negotiating building contracts.To find out more about how a buyer's agent can help you find the homeof your dreams, contact us today.

Benefits of Using a Buyer Agent

 The chart below quickly summarizes the advantages of having a buyer's agent:


Description of Service or Duty

Seller’s Agent

 Buyer’s Agent

Arranges property showings

Assists with financing

Provides accurate information

Explains forms & agreements

Monitors escrow & closing

Exposes buyer to the entire market (listed & unlisted properties)


Gives advice and council


Completes thorough analysis of a subject property before making an offer


Negotiates the best price & advises buyer how best to structure the offer


Points out reasons not to buy


Negotiates on behalf of buyer to help obtain the target property. 


Promotes and protects the buyer’s best interests




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